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Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's late, but thought I'd give out some cheesy holiday cheer. x

It's (almost) late, but thought I'd give out some cheesy holiday cheer. x

Monday, December 20, 2010

the nun's pool

Photos courtesy of my talented and beautiful sister, Rachel Kara

A stunning birthday (my other talented and beautiful sister Lauren's (above) 24th) brunch with my favourite people in the whole world; mia famiglia.

Restaurant: The Nun's Pool
Location: (Tucked away from the hustle of Cronulla St.) Situated opposite beautiful Shelley Beach on Ewos Parade, South Cronulla, Sydney NSW
Chef: Toby King
Coffee: Paul Bassett's signature blend

Pee Ess.Hope to get back to regular posts soon...working seven days a week! I was blessed to land two amazing jobs in the span of a couple of weeks. If you're in the Darlinghurst (oxford st) area please come and stop by Youeni Provides (cnr of South Dowling St and Hannan Lane) for an excellent coffee and extremely tasty brekky/lunch (cooked by yours truly!)

Monday, December 6, 2010

fetish #3

Okay, so I know I talk alot about my fetishes ("strictly food related!" I interject as you give me shifty eyes), but let me tell you baby this one (#3...butter and Earl Grey tea being the first two mentioned here) is one of my strongest. It's not even a guilty pleasure, I love dumplings so much that I will proclaim it to whomever, wherever and whenever I so desire. No shame, fellow addicts, no shame...In fact, I think I've eaten gyozas three times this week from my local sushi joint. Anyway, I've made wonton soup at home a few times but before I ever get round to finishing my soup, most of the wontons have been gobbled down in their piping hot state by me or my sisters. It's just one of those incurable things. Steaming hot little pockets of mince, vegetables, seafood and a whole array of succulent Asian-y flavours just really get my taste buds going...

I had one of my experimental inklings the other night and thought I'd attempt some vegetable dumplings at home. Armed with a pot of boiling water, a slotted spoon and sharp knife I set about gathering Shanghai wonton wrappers, whatever vegetables I could find in the fridge, a couple of eggs and a few Asian condiments like Kecap Manis, soy sauce and oyster sauce. Lord knows if anything I do is remotely traditional, but I figure if they taste good it doesn't really matter right?

eggplant and red capsicum cubed relatively small, but they go into a food processor so don't stress about the size/shape of your vegetables...probably would use less (or no) capsicum next time because it holds a lot of liquid which releases during cooking, making the wonton wrappers more prone to breaking, therefore causing all those lovely juices to float away into your cooking water.

A free-range egg (I think I ended up using two), three cloves of crushed garlic, one 227g (interesting choice to keep the two extra grams, making it now a non-standard size) tin of water chestnuts, one small carrot, grated, and a couple of stalks of spring onion finely sliced (as you can see, I used leek because my fridge was bare on this particular evening, but spring onion is the vegetable of choice here)

 bahahahaha shoot I just noticed the date on the soy sauce...errr, it's been in a very cold fridge that whole time if that makes things any better? In my defense, it tasted normal and no one got sick, so I suppose it's okay. *brb sneaking off to my fridge to throw the bottle out immediately

 weeeeee. Revving my power tools in the kitchen...That's all the veges minus grated carrot.

 get some nice amalgamation (Maggie Beer's favourite word) going on with all those colours/flavours and add your eggs/sauces/salt&pepper.
 hello Shanghai

 Because of the high water content in carrot (as well as the already juicy red capsicum) my mix was too wet. I knew when I started that it would happen but I kept going for the sake of experimentation AND because literally my kitchen was bare AND we were rather peckish (peckish being a euphemism for ravenous). There was no mince or anything in the fridge/freezer which is crazy! I decided that adding some cooked white rice would help soak up the liquid. It did...a bit...sort of.

 do bee do bee do...boil away little dumplings, boil away!

 nom nom nom...I wish these had pork/chicken mince, but dayumm they tasted good
Just getting into character...

 A small montage of me and my sis getting stoked about food...It wasn't long before mum and Lollies decided to join the party in the kitchen. *Cue an all singing, dancing musical item about gobbies on the dumplings (before you start thinking we're all sickos, please note the trent from punchy reference there...if you don't know what I'm talking about/ haven't seen the video please go and educate yourself...then return to read more of my culinary adventures!)


Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

the bunker

 soy latte

 let's just get a little close up on that beautiful rosetta...

 the omelette that changed my life. Prosciutto, peas, ricotta and mint. Chyeahh.

 cute little snap of RKB (the middle child/resident photographer/peace-maker (sometimes) of the family)

cute 12 (or so) year old fiddling on an iPad drinking a latte opposite his Dad who appeared to be writing a script. Amazing.

Tucked away @ 399 Liverpool St in Darlinghurst, The Bunker is a must-visit for fantastic coffee, a small but delightful food selection and if you're like me, people watching! Hop to it...

PS. Apologies for the interesting (interesting being a euphemism for ghastly) lighting on the omelette slash people photos...beams of sun were shooting at our table from all kinds of angles. Coffee looks quite sexy though...